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Dr. Charina Bailon treats infants and children of all ages, easing their fears and keeping their teeth healthy. We set a friendly and calm environment that puts the child at ease.

We take our time to explain every step of the appointment and treatment process to both children and parents. We don’t believe in any kind of forced treatment for children so as not to traumatize them.

It’s never too young for a checkup!

Early dental visits to Newark Dental Care can prevent problems before they start. We also offer helpful tips to care for your child’s teeth. When a child’s first tooth erupts, it’s important to start caring for them to prevent any early cavities or decay. Taking good care of primary “baby” teeth and gums is important to aid the permanent teeth in growing healthy too.

We recommend that parents bring in their child for their First Dental Visit as soon as their first tooth comes in: we want your child to become accustomed to seeing the dentist. We also recommend you to bring them in with you to your appointments so they become familiar with our office and staff and learn what goes on during dental treatments.

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Get a great start for lifelong dental health for your children! Call Newark Dental Care in Newark, CA today to make an appointment with a pediatric dentist or click one of the links below.

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Pediatric Tooth Extractions Newark, CA

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We offer extractions for wisdom teeth and other situations that call for a tooth to be removed. However, before we perform an extraction, we make sure to save natural teeth from being extracted by treating them with either a Root Canal, Filling, or Crown. Dr. Bailon takes special time with children who are afraid of tooth extractions. We provide a comfortable setting and do our best to minimize the pain and recovery time from the extraction.

Types of Tooth Extractions:

  • Wisdom teeth: Usually erupt when you are 17 years old. In most cases, the jaw bone is not large enough to accommodate these additional teeth that grow in the back of the mouth. When they do start to come in, they often need to be removed. Some people retain their wisdom teeth all their lives. However, if the wisdom teeth begin to provide discomfort, or grow in impacted (causing other teeth to shift and become crooked) the simplest way to relieve the pain is to remove them.
  • Health concerns: If a tooth is severely decayed and infected and there is no way to save it, it becomes in the patient’s best interest to remove it.
  • Root fragments: Sometimes, broken teeth, caused by extensive decay, leave many root fragments behind. These decayed fragments may cause infection and pain and may pose a health risk.

Does your child need tooth extractions prior to orthodontic treatment or due to cavities or periodontitis? Dr. Bailon provides a soothing and comfortable experience for your children. Call Newark Dental Care in Newark, CA today!

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