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Our goal is to help patients achieve and maintain optimal dental care in a quiet and clean environment. We have innovative operatories equipped with the latest in technologies such as:

  • iTero®:A digital oral scanner for Crowns, Bridges and Invisalign®
  • Digital X-ray: which reduces exposure to radiation and allows patients to view their own records instantly for better understanding of the procedures and treatment done by the doctor.
  • Ultrasonic Cavitron Scaler: removes calculus (tarter) and bacteria from below the gum line and smooths rough root surfaces.
  • Computerized Data Management: for easy and secure management of our patients' data.

For the protection and safety of our patients, our office maintains high infection control standards. We strictly follow and even surpass all the guidelines set by the Center for Disease Control, OSHA and the American Dental Association.

Here are some of our protective procedures:

  • Heat sterilizing instruments and hand pieces after every patient.
  • Monitoring sterilization techniques to guarantee effectiveness.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the chair, counters and other surface areas after every patient.
  • Using disposable (single use) products.
  • Wearing disposable clinic gowns and face shields or masks.
  • Changing to a new pair of disposable gloves after every patient.
  • Continuing education of our team and modernization of techniques to assure your health and safety.

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We are located inside the Sprouts Shopping Center, next to Jiffy Lube.

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Our office will be closed from February 29, 2024 to March 20, 2024. Thank you for your understanding.

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